SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing 

Drive targeted, personalised & Truly engaging campaigns on time with SMS Marketing Solutions!

Reach the right audiences with complete ease to drive effective campaigns that convert! SMS Marketing Solutions facilitates personalized campaigns, targeted surveys, reports, and so much more to truly engage with your customers! Choose an agile method to stay ahead by monitoring and measuring promotions while accessing feedback and suggestions via customer surveys. Your business would also benefit from its user-friendly design that enables you to launch bulk, interactive SMS campaigns with utmost ease.

With an all-powerful solution by your side, you are equipped to showcase your brand at its absolute best!

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[ Our Email Marketing Company In Dubai, UAE ]

We live in Dubai, we work in Dubai, we know how to work with email marketing to grow business performance in this region

Email marketing has been one of the most effective ways of online promotion for 30 years. For many years, our advertising agency WGG has been offering the highest quality and cost-effective email strategies for startups, online stores, large businesses for the UAE/GCC markets. We know how to build relationships with your target audience in order to achieve stable growth of leads and sales with the help of high-quality email newsletters.

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The goals that email marketing will help you achieve
in the UAE market

We know that all social networks and Google complicate
the processes of checking advertisements and constantly
introduce new restrictions in the UAE. They do not allow
you to fully reveal the advantages of your product, but it
is email marketing that opens up huge advertising
opportunities, including giving access to the site right
inside the letter. These and many other email marketing
options allow you to constantly experiment with mailing
tools and achieve the narrowest goals.
WGG professionals are constantly exploring the potential
of all possible email services in order to provide a full
range e-mail capabilities, mailing lists for absolutely any

01 Brand awareness
02 Traffic to the site
03 Reminders
04 Confirmation of registration
05 Lead generation
06 Increase in the number of sales
07 Rapid dissemination of information
08 Personalized offers for a specific audience
09 Warming up the audience through informative content
10 Targeting certain people in the database

[ Strategy ]

Our Email marketing strategy

01 Exploring your brand

We are delving into your business. We determine your advantages, prepare the optimal strategy specifically for your business. Our WGG team knows how to properly submit information mailing, promotions, newsletters and much more to your audience in order to turn an email into a profit for you.

02 Preparation of letters
 We will prepare everything from fonts and colors to communication style for future campaigns. We know how to visually design an email newsletter for business in Dubai so that it catches the attention of a paying audience.

03 A/B test

it is vital to know not only what to write in a letter, but when to send it for a certain business, audience, etc. We will conduct an A/B test for different buyers in order to achieve the highest engagement rate and, as a result, more purchases.


04. Analytics

There are no unimportant metrics in email marketing. We track everything from clicks to read time. This is what allows us to evaluate the success of email campaigns and optimize experimental email formats to get the best results.

05. Reports
We collect and provide you with complete information about the success of our campaigns. Transparency of work is important for us because the relationship with the client is the most important value of our company. Together with you, we will come up with new formats and promotions to attract even more sales and multiply your profits.

Here's our email marketing background

Letter sent

> 50 000 000

We have written text

> 2000 

Successfully completed cases


Designed  and produced by our Production team 

> 800

A/B Testing Importance 

  • Want to increase your email marketing engagement and sales? This is a strong call to action that will get the reader's attention. It also highlights the benefits of using our A/B testing service, which is to increase engagement and sales.
  • We'll A/B test different buyers to find the best time and content to send your emails. This shows that we are experts in email marketing and that we use data-driven methods to improve our results. It also highlights the value of our service, which is to help businesses find the best time and content to send their emails.
  • So you can get more clicks, opens, and sales. This sentence summarizes the benefits of using our A/B testing service. It also highlights the desired outcome, which is more clicks, opens, and sales.

Our Average metrics for different businesses

[Email Marketing]

Types of our E-mail Marketing 

Marketing email letters

We draw attention to your products and services and tell you about special offers: for example, we offer to buy a product with a discount, provide a personalized promo code or invite you to sign up for a webinar.

Email newsletter

Tells about important updates of your business: key company events, upcoming events or new interesting blog posts. Such mailings are usually of a regular nature: for example, once a quarter or once every two weeks.

Marketing auto-mailing

It comes to the user automatically when certain triggers are triggered. It includes welcome letters for new subscribers, birthday greetings or retargeting reminders for those visitors who put the product in the basket, but did not make a purchase.


Transactional auto-mailing

We set up for you an automatic confirmation of purchases, a reminder of an upcoming session or event and a delivery notification; in general, any technical messages. These are simple but very important letters that demonstrate customer care and increase brand credibility.

If you doubt the benefits of email marketing for your business, then at the presale stage we will:

  • hold a joint brainstorm with you
  • show you even more of our cases
  • analyze your business and make an optimal promotion strategy
  • and much more!
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What your emails might look like


Why does your business need a Violet email marketing agency in Dubai, UAE?

Email marketing is the most universal format for absolutely any business in the UAE. If you offer a product or service with a long customer life, then we will help you build a strategy of multi-level informative newsletters to get closer to the customer, personalized offers for specific customers, and other effective strategies. If you are selling one-off items with a high value, such as real estate, we will determine the best email approach to a potential client so that he buys from you.

We have been promoting businesses all over the world for 10 years. and now we are here in Dubai, Sharing our worldwide experience with you 

Our international experience allows us to define the latest styles and formats for email marketing, which we integrate qualitatively into UAE and other Gulf countries. We select a unique email strategy for each client in order to achieve the necessary marketing goals.

Before we start mailing lists, we conduct reviews and brainstorms to determine the best form of promoting your brand using email marketing. Our email marketing team consists of dozens of copywriters, designers, and marketers who have many years of experience in working with various businesses, including large international companies.

We monitor the performance of a particular letter on a daily basis and adjust our approach to get the best results.

Our reputation is your high results.