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How we have made 22 successful apartments deals worth from 500 000$ for real estate agency in 6 months

Altın Türk Real Estate Investment

Average Bills


Our strategy for Altın Türk Real EstateAgency

  1. 01 We've analyzed competitors' ads using special services 
  2. We've made an audit of the customer's old advertising campaigns in order to save budget for hypothesis testing
  3. We've prepared ads for different properties  
  4. We've tested a large number of new hypotheses 
  5.  We've used look-alike audiences to increase conversion rates to target leads

Our Strategy

The real estate agency got clients targeted with a price for over 253$ by Facebook ads

AD Strategy

Step -1

We chose "lead generation" in the Facebook office as the format of advertising, because it is an effective tool for attracting new clients.

Step -2

Facebook optimizes ads based on people's first reactions to ads, so it's very important that high-income people interact with your ads

Audience Request

It is very important to talk about the premium and the high price of each object for Altın Türk real estate and to write the price per square meter or for the entire area.


We've received the following results in 6 month:

17 000 000 $          Total Revenue 

586 $                     Cost per click 

22                          Sales