[ CASE ]

How we made $45,000 in two months selling iPhone cases in Lebanon with a $4,000 budget


Total Revenue
Average Check

Who are

Our client is an entrepreneur. He has an online store selling cases and accessories for Apple in Lebanon




• Increase brand awareness and user confidence
• Increase online store profit
• Become the main seller of iPhone cases in the Lebanese market

[ Our Strategy ]

We began by performing the following tasks

  1. Preparation of recommendations for optimization and completion of the online store (generally the site was built normally, but there were no basic features such as traffic tracking, catalog for integration and customer base collection)
  2. Marketing product packaging and creation of brand (customer had almost no brand, there was only a logo)

  3. Technical setup: advertising cabinet Facebook, connecting Shopify, Pixel installation, setting tracking goals, collecting catalogs for different tasks, gathering audiences



We decided to target on Instagram platform in conjunction with pixels and direct integration in Shopify

The main conversion tools : 

  • Special targeting settings
  •  Product categories selections
  • Product categories selections
  • Dynamic retarget


We created promotional ads

This was made possible by the brand’s new positioning, new delivery policy, and reaching the audience. The average CTR was 1.3%


In just 2 months we launched 

29 advertising campaigns

All of them were launched through conversion to online store.

 By testing tools and selecting audiences, we have achieved CPL= 0.91$ and CR= 32.5%.



We were able to increase the average check from $10 to $30

We were able to increase the average check with innovative delivery conditions and new product packs by category. Despite the fact that we have increased the average check CPO (Cost Per Order) remained the same.Based on CPL and CPO indicators we can calculate that for one order we paid 3 dollars. This is 10% of the average check


Average check

We received the following results in 2 months

30$           Average Check                45000$    Total Revenue              34.5%     CR

1501        Orders                                    3               CPO                      4000$     Budget