[ CASE ]

How we've earned $3 000 000 in
B2B sector for Copper cable factory


Money spend

Total Revenue

Who are

Copper cable factory



Our client is a copper cable factory with more than 20,000 square meters of storage and production space.

The main characteristics of the factory:
- works only with the B2B sector
- works with the western districts of Russia
- the average price segment
- has its own sales department.

Main Goal
Main goals is to promote products on Instagram and Facebook.


Our strategy for Cable Factory

  1. Test audiences and ads
  2. Optimize campaigns and disable non-performing audiences
  3. Attract target customers at the required cost per order
  4. Use "leads" campaign objective, which allows potential customers to enter their contact details in an "instant form" without leaving the the social network

[ customer journey ]

We have developed a customer journey

First contact with the advertising publication. Form a new marketing channel with leading traffic to the website

Requests in instagram with the number and e-mail.

Request comes to the sales department mail.

Sales manager calls the customer back and arranges a cooperation.

[ ADS ]

Static ads examples

[ Results ]

In the first month we received 44 requests

Cost of request $ 7.24

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[ Results ] 

Performance results for the client in 6 months

$2 000            Money spend                   $3 000 000 Total revenue