[ CASE ]

How we've got 4,000 leads for $4 for braces treatment to the Dental clinic

[ Results in 18 Months]

Dental Clinic


The total number of consultation requests
Spent money
Earned money

Who are

Dental clinic didn't have any advertising



Our customer is a dental clinic. The main service is braces treatment. Average bill is about $5,000


There were no:

  • target or PPC-advertising
  • website or landing page
  • analytics
  • sales funnels

​ [ Our strategy ]

Our strategy for Dental clinic

  1. Analysis of the target audience and services of the clinic and form hypotheses and offers for advertising campaigns  
  2. Setup of end-to-end analytics, install call-tracking and funnel in CRM-system Quiz. It is a simple interactive form of collecting applications from potential clients. The quiz allows you to know in advance the basic data of the client, such as name, dental bite, motivation to get treatment, to motivate clients with discounts and bonuses on completion of the test. It is also possible to show the results and send them to the mail with a special offer

[ Sales Funnel ]

Why is it important for a Dental clinic to have a sale funnel for tracking the leads?

The proper sales funnel will help the clinic attract more leads and increase the conversion to real sales of the service.


Results of the 18 months we've attracted 4,000 new leads for the treatment by 4 $


  3%         The conversion from a lead to a real application                        $100        The application price 

2500       The total number of consultation requests                            $366,000  Earned Money 

$16000      Spent on money