[ CASE ]

Development of the HR Brand of the eastern mining company using a content strategy on instagram


[ Results ]

Eastern mining company


Likes collected posts in the Instagram feed
Average daily coverage of the company's Instagram account
Posts published for the entire period of work

Who are

Eastern mining company (EMCO) is a leading producer of energy grades of coal with extraction



Problems we dealt with:

  • only 800 subscribers on instagram
  • no content -strategy
  • low social-media engagement
  • lack of consistent design



With the help of content and advertising, we began to attract applicants to the company: ready-made professionals, young specialists, graduates of universities and colleges.

With our professional content startegies we break stereotypes that social media of an industrial companies could be boring.

Even serious news can be engaging. By sharing the news, we form a positive image of the company as an advanced coal mining enterprise, as well as a reliable and responsible.

Our content strategy for the Eastern mining company

We have created different

rubrics and categories for content to be interesting and engaging

We've shown career

growth opportunities using real examples. This generated serious interest from candidates to work in the company  

We've focused on future specialists who plan to connect their lives with the coal mining industry. we explained where and in what specialities it is worth studying to become a candidate for employment the EMCO


We've regularly entertained subscribers with informative posts — of course, related to coal, machinery, the mining process and the company as a whole

We've created different contests, participants get the opportunity to win merch from the company or gifts from its partners

We've also created animation — we add the information content with bright and engaging videos

We've added creative stories to the Instagram to keep the audience's attention to the account.

We like to communicate with our audience, so incoming requests from users are moderated daily on behalf of the company


[Examples  ]

Examples of designed images

[ Strategy ]

The chosen strategy is also a living example of how content can organically attract a new audience

The coverage of publications in the account is 50-80% of the number of subscribers. At the same time, most of the posts regularly appear in the "Interesting" section, attracting up to 30% coverage.

This is how we have built a content strategy that successfully solves the problem of attracting job seekers and increasing their interest in working in the company, as well as forms a reliable brand as a worthy employer and a leading organization in the industry.

[ Total ]


16 500+      Likes collected posts in the Instagram feed

9 000+               Average daily coverage of the company's         Instagram account

5 000+          Subscribers were attracted to the account for the entire period of cooperation

500+            Applications for employment were received and      processed in 10 months of work

250+             Posts published for the entire period of work