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We live in Dubai, we work in Dubai, we know how to work with Facebook to grow business performance in this city

Our Facebook advertising agency is specialized in the UAE market. We have been working with Facebook ads suit for over 9 years and we are ready to guarantee that you will get the best set of Facebook advertising tools for your business. We have a lot of success stories and we are proud to add your business to this list. We know how to work with big budgets and scale business, but we also understand how important every dirham that is spent on marketing is to small businesses, so you can be sure that regardless of the budget, our Facebook marketing company will show the best possible result!

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Facebook marketing is the best way to grow in Dubai, UAE

To date, Facebook is the largest advertising platform both in UAE and specifically in Dubai. More than 85% of all UAE residents use it almost daily. Indeed, in addition to Facebook itself, the advertising network includes Instagram and WhatsApp. In addition, the Facebook ads toolkit is constantly evolving, which helps even the most specific business to get good results with the right ad settings.


Our Facebook Advertising Services

Our Facebook marketing team employs only experienced professionals who have years of experience working with real businesses in Dubai, UAE and achieve high results in Facebook ads manager. So you can be sure that you will get the best Facebook Advertising Services

  1. Media plan with forecasts of results
  2. Professional video content creation for best ad results
  3. Media plan with forecasts of results A/B testing to find the best marketing ad
  4. Till 100 different advertising strategies for the best result
  5. Connecting Facebook AI to find your core audience
  6. Install pixel for the best analytics
  7. Run retargeting and look-a-like companies for ROI increase
  8. Do special tips with Facebook lead forms to reduce the number of low-quality leads
  9. Monthly report.

Active users in UAE

7 200 0000

AVG spend money monthly after facebook ads view


ROI is higher than at other sites

< 47%

Average age 

28 - 44 


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