[ CASE ]

How we received 267 B2B leads worth $4,5 for a Glass factory


Money Spent

Cost per lead

Who are

Factory "Eva Glass"



We were contacted by the factory "Eva Glass", which specializes in a wide range of glass products such as oil bottles, juice bottles, jars, water bottles and others. Supplies of goods are exported directly from the glassware factory to European countries like Poland, Latvia, Lithuania.

Main Goal
The main goal is to grow requests with social media.

[ Our Strategy ]

Our advertising strategy for Glass factory

  1. Campaign objective "Leads". The main tool for receiving requests, which gives the opportunity to fill a contact form (name and phone number) if the company doesn't have a website.

  2. The basic logic of setting up the audience was to show ads to two key segments: owners of alcoholic beverages production and owners of wholesale of kitchenware. We showed ads to the audience with overlapping interests after analyzed the portrait of the target audience and the key characteristics of the products.

  3. Location. European and African countries, CIS countries, as well as Saudi Arabia were chosen as countries for the showing advertising.



We decided to target on Instagram platform in conjunction with pixels and direct integration in Shopify

The main conversion tools : 

  • Special targeting settings
  •  Product categories selections
  • Product categories selections
  • Dynamic retarget


Static ads were prepared for the launch of the advertising campaign

We worked without a website, so we chose a carousel as the format - this allows users to get to know the products at the first touch of the ad and without going to another website.

[ Results ]

We've received the following results

We've achieved our goal and also have increased the base of job-seekers. We've gotten feedback from our client that all leads are real candidates.

1220$             Money Spent                                         4.5      CPL  ( Cost per lead )

26                        Become wholesale customers                       45         At the negotiation stage