[ CASE ]

How we gained 125k+ followers and got a monthly reach of 1,5 million on TikTok for the appliance store in 3 months



Earned Money
Cost per follower
Spent Money

Who are




​ HOLODILNIK.RU is an e-commerce store specializing in the sale of electronics and home appliances.

About our client:

  • More than 15 years on the market

  • In the top 10 Russian e-commerce companies

  • A website with good conversion rates

  • Successful Instagram presence

  • Clear segmentation of customer portraits

  • Revenue for 2021 is $ 464,212,000

Main Goal
The main goal is to create, fill and promote the brand account on a new platform.


Why did we choose
the objective "Leads"?

AD Strategy

Step -1

We chose "lead generation" in the Facebook office as the format of advertising, because it is an effective tool for attracting new clients.

Step -2

Facebook optimizes ads based on people's first reactions to ads, so it's very important that high-income people interact with your ads

Audience Request

It is very important to talk about the premium and the high price of each object for Altın Türk real estate and to write the price per square meter or for the entire area.

[ Task ] 

The client has set the following tasks to us

Form a new marketing channel with leading traffic to the website

Gather a loyal community and reach 1M unique users to increase brand awareness.


Why they should have chosen TikTok?

  1. Monthly audience over 36 million.
  2. 43% of solvent audience in age between 25 and 44.
  3. The highest level of engagement among social media.
  4. 90% of users access to app couple times per day.
  5. Platform algorithms help to get organic reach at the begining.

[ Tools ]

Tools to achieve our goals

Promoting ads with 

traffic to the website

Boost impressions for increasing organic reach and Engagement Rate.

Improve brand awareness, increase traffic.

[ Tools ]

Tools to achieve our goals

Provide user-generated content along with increasing brand awareness and followers.

Answers your audience's questions and helps you build trust, improve conversions and generate leads.

Gives feedback and ideas from your customers and audience members in real conversations.

[ our strategy ]

Our strategy for TikTok Projects

Create Content strategy

Write scripts

select a Location 

Audition of actors

Analyze results

Puplish Content

Edit Videos

Shooting Videos

[ Our strategy ]

The audience is selected depending on the promotion

For example, let's look at two promotions:

  • Gaming goods (computers, mouses, mats, gaming chairs)
  • Musical goods (speakers, headphones)

We hold a brainstorming session and form a document with the target audience for a better selection of the audience for each advertising campaign.

[ Tiktok ]

Every fifth resident of Russia knows about the HOLODILNIK.RU

Running a Tiktok is a continuous process of improving, increasing relevance and adding unique elements. That is why it is important to always have new ideas for Tiktok and be able to implement them, so that the blog will be interesting to the public and the number of views and followers will grow in future.
None of the existing channels gives organic reach like Tiktok.

[ Results  ]

We ranked among the top accounts in Eastern Europe and the top ads in Russia

[ Results ]

In just three months we've gained 125K followers with a regular monthly gain of 35K people


125,303             Followers                                    3$            CPL  ( Cost per follow )

1,500,000               Monthly reach                                15%        ER

900,000$               Earned money                            50,000$     Spent Money