[ CASE ]

How we've generated 293 leads per 0.39$ for HR Company in Dubai




Who are

HR company 



Originally, the company was established in Saudi Arabia 7 years ago and was named Mayadir. But they've decided to enter a new market and bought the company HR Masters in Dubai.

HR Masters is a recruitment service agency in Dubai existing on the market 10 years. They find workers for house positions: nanny, teacher, driver, gardener, housemaid, cooker etc. And also they provide these workers for clients who need to hire an employee.

[ Our Strategy ]

Our strategy for HR agency

During the briefing, we chose lead generation as the goal of ad campaign. This is the most effective way to get the contacts of the potential candidates.

  1. We've analyzed the competitors
  2. We've formed the unique offers
  3. We've identified our target audience
  4. We've prepared ad banners and run the ad  



We decided to target on Instagram platform in conjunction with pixels and direct integration in Shopify

The main conversion tools : 

  • Special targeting settings
  •  Product categories selections
  • Product categories selections
  • Dynamic retarget

[ AD Banner ]

We've prepared ad banners for launching

We've prepared static ad banners and also a carousel. We've used the photos of workers to attract the attention of potential candidates.

[ Results ]

We've received the following results

We've achieved our goal and also have increased the base of job-seekers. We've gotten feedback from our client that all leads are real candidates.