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How we turned the account of a network of medical brands into a famous brand in social networks

[ Results in 8 months ]


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Who are

Multidisciplinary full-service medical centers


K+31 is Multidisciplinary full-service medical centers that include capabilities to provide medical services of European level of quality. Total revenue in 2021 $66 million.

The customer wanted to make the clinic network brand known on social networks

Why does a clinic network need an Instagram account?

  1. To bring new clients

  2. To form a positive image of the clinic

  3. To solve crises in social networks

  4. To raise the credibility of doctors

  5. To inform followers about the news

  1. [ GOALS ]

    Main Goals

    Before contacting violet agency, the client had only worked with an older audience and had not engaged in Internet marketing.

    We made a joint decision to completely restructure the Digital platform and start promotion.

Our strategy for ALCON


We redesigned the entire set of websites on the Internet, which effectively solve business problems. The main website, a series of landing pages for different products, a partner's personal account, etc


We have systematic interaction with bloggers and celebrities



We created and promote communities in instagram, vk, facebook. Launched advertising campaigns and a total reach of more than 3,000,000 users.


We get up to 20 product reviews a month from average niche bloggers

[ Results ]

We've received the following results in 8 months

3 000 000                   Reaching the Target audience through advertising campaigns in social network

375%                          Increased traffic to client resources

UP TO 11 000             The number of partners developing business with ACLON has increased


Our content strategy for k+31

  1. We debunked myths from the perspective of evidence-based medicine
  2. We interviewed expert doctors and created a heading "The doctor says" with quotes and rules of life
  3. We worked out the text part so that a subscriber could apply the text to himself
  4. We added weekly onsite visits to the client as part of the content creation process
  5. We added a "clinical case" heading

Learn more

Clinical Case

We tell about the unique experience of the doctors, the publication is accompanied by illustrative photos

Discover more


Dispelling myths

We take apart the most common medical misconceptions, showing our subscribers that we can be trusted and we will not impose treatment for the sake of treatment. 

Collaborations with bloggers

We have partnered with bloggers, and now bloggers want to collaborate with us themselves.


Thanks to the adjusted strategy we get daily commercial requests and feedback in Direct and comments. Also, if necessary, we work out negative situations


Our advertising strategy

We had the task of attracting live subscribers to the account and attracting leads for the clinic's services.

We used the following advertising objective:

  • traffic (to use the audience gathered by the pixel for retargeting and similar audiences);
  • engagement (to have users interact with the publications on the Facebook page and Instagram)
  • conversions
  • lead generation

advertising for the client on the same cabinet for about 3 years, it is fully optimized, the algorithm shows ads to the maximum target audience and allows to get good results.



20+          Bloggers' collaborations for the year

1,600+      Interactions with publications for the month

50+            Visits to specialists for interviews during the year


Following Results 




Money spent 


 Followers attracted through entire period of work


Earned money