[ CASE ]

How we promoted the international network of ACLON nutritional supplements in social media 

[ Results in 8 months ]


3 000 000

 Reaching the target audience through advertising campaigns in Social networks 

 Up to 11 000

The number of partners developing business with ALCON

Who are

International company ACLON


International company ACLON - has gained popularity thanks to unique and innovative products created on the basis of the latest developments in the field of bio-and nanotechnology with the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Running time of the project: 8 months
Presented on social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Vk


Main Goals

Before contacting violet agency, the client had only worked with an older audience and had not engaged in Internet marketing.

We made a joint decision to completely restructure the Digital platform and start promotion.

Our strategy for ALCON


We redesigned the entire set of websites on the Internet, which effectively solve business problems. The main website, a series of landing pages for different products, a partner's personal account, etc


We have systematic interaction with bloggers and celebrities



We created and promote communities in instagram, vk, facebook. Launched advertising campaigns and a total reach of more than 3,000,000 users.


We get up to 20 product reviews a month from average niche bloggers

[ Results ]

We've received the following results in 8 months

3 000 000                   Reaching the Target audience through advertising campaigns in social network

375%                          Increased traffic to client resources

UP TO 11 000             The number of partners developing business with ACLON has increased