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How we've earned more than $9,000 for pet food store in 2 months


[ Results in 2 months ]

Pet food store


Spent money
Earned money 

Who are

SUPERPET is the latest generation of biologically appropriate nutrition for cats.





Ready-to-eat natural foods made from human-grade ingredients: chunks of fresh meat, by-products, eggs, vegetables, with the addition of omega-3, taurine and vitamins. No heat treatment, preservatives, flavor enhancers or useless fillers. Sold online with delivery in Moscow.

Used platforms for promotion: Instagram, Facebook.

Main goal 

The main goal was to Increase the number of unique purchases.

[ Our Strategy ]

Our strategy for pet food store

  1. Did a little research on what breeds of cats are popular today and made creatives for each breed
  2. Used creatives to target different audiences of cat owners in a wide audience of "Cats"
  3. Showed ads for veterinary clinics04Identified the age of the target audience

[ Results  ]

We received first results

[ Examples  ]

Ads Example 


The chosen strategy helped us achieve the following results 

145             Orders                                       2881 $                Spent Money              

19.8$         Cost per lead                                    9,437 $              Earned money