[ CASE ]

How we have made 22 successful apartments deals worth from 500 000$ for real estate agency in 6 months

Dubai Real Estate Investment

30 AED/8.18$


Who are

The Real Estate Agency got leads with a price of over $165 by facebook ads and didn't receive any qualified leads

Audience Request

Our client is a boutique real estate brokerage that focuses on the usage of the most innovative, cutting-edge technology to serve Sellers, Buyers, Landlords and Tenants in the Dubai market


In this project our task was to get leads from Instagram and Facebook

for a luxury residential complex in Dubai in Safa Park.

The main problem was that our client had no website and we needed to find an alternative way to get leads.

Lead generation provides the opportunity to get requests (phone number, name, e-mail etc.) inside the platform.

User needs to click the button below the ads, fill
in the data and submit the form in order to leave
a request.

The main disadvantage of lead forms is a large amount of low-quality requests (disabled phone number, wrong location etc).
On the contrary, its advantage is cheapness, so the cost of the deal is acceptable.


 [ Leads ]

Why did we choose
the objective "Leads"?

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The first-month results

1532.09 aed / 417.11$    Spent

61.28 aed / 16.68$          CPL 

25                                    Leads

3                                      Qualified Leads 

 [ Results ]

Ad Account screenshot of Facebook for the first month 

real estate facebook ads results 
[ Solve Problems  ]

We needed to solve following problems: low amount of qualified leads: 12%

As a result of the first month we managed to get leads with an acceptable CPL. The main goal of the second month was to increase the amount of qualified requests and maintain the cost per lead.


We've increased the amount of qualified leads

We've increased the amount of qualified leads
by 10% by making the form more complicated and narrowing the interests.

The user needs to make just 3 clicks to submit a request. The form was not complicated enough, so we got many low-quality leads. In order to make the form more complicated we added more questions and a verification.
The problem was also to find more engaged audience, however, the special settings for real estate ads didn't allow to change gender and age of the audience.

In this project, we used the narrowing of interests shown in the following screenshots.


The results we've received
in three months:


12 927,2 AED/3 519,42 $                Spent                          174,69 AED/ 47,56 $       CPL

30 AED/8,18 $                                          CPL                              1 615,9 AED/439,93 $      CPO

430                                                Leads

74                                                              Qualified Leads               8                                     Deals